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Vacha Churna, 100g

Vacha Churna, 100g


Known for inducing lucidity in the mind, Vacha (calamus) is a brain tonic that promotes higher mental functions.

It specifically targets the nervous system and penetrates deep into the brain tissues. It scrapes toxins from the subtle channels in the brain and opens the nadis. Treats headache, mental stress, laziness, and emotional imbalance.

Vacha’s heating qualities stimulate the brain and increase alertness and focus. It significantly aids information absorption and memory recall as it promotes cerebral circulation. It a useful for memory loss, and attention deficit disorders.

Vacha means speech  and is a subtle purificatory herb that has an affinity for the throat centre and removes obstructions to clear expression. It clears the throat of mucus and opens the lungs promoting fuller respiration.  Used in cases of speech impediments, stuttering, cough and cold, sinus congestion, nasal polyps.

Content: 100g

Adults: 125mg to 500mg twice a day with honey, water or milk (consult an Ayurveda practitioner for correct dosage)