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MA3323 Ash Gourd/Amla paste



This preparation is useful when Pitta, the fire element in your body, is out of balance

Ash Gourd is a cooling purgative herb, useful for gastritis problems and a good detoxifying agent. It is also useful for prostate problems, particularly prostate enlargement. Amla contains a very high concentration of vitamin C, one of the highest known in the plant kingdom and 20 times that of oranges.

Amla balances Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, though it is especially calming to Pitta. In addition, Amla rejuvenates all of the tissues in the body and builds ojas, the essence of immunity and youthfulness.

As prescribed by your practitioner

We have a wide selection of herbal and mineral supplements that Maharishi AyurVeda practitioners prescribe for specific individuals. If you have had a consultation from one of our practitioners, and wish to know why MA3323 Ash Gourd/Amla paste has been recommended, please discuss this with your practitioner.

These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.

Contents: 600g

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the Product Information Sheet.