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Herbal Cleanse (MA602) 60g



Helps maintain natural colon function

Ayurveda considers daily elimination a prerequisite for good health. In fact, if you visit an Ayurvedic practitioner, one of the first questions you will be asked will be about your bowel movements. Irregular elimination allows toxins to build up, causing you to feel "plugged up" physically and mentally.

The Herbal Cleanse formula supports normal, regular elimination and aids intestinal cleansing and efficient absorption of nutrients. It provides a healthy, long-term solution, unlike the harsh purge caused by drugs or constipation products. The herbs in Herbal Cleanse help support natural, effective, regular elimination; aid cellular purification; balance cell moisture for smooth, clear skin; improve assimilation and nutrition.

These special herbal preparations are carefully formulated by Ayurvedic experts according to the original traditional texts.

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the Product Information Sheet.