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Genitrac, organic - Rasayana for Vitality (MA2), 50g, 100 tabs



Supports normal function of the genito-urinary system and energy levels

If the urinary tract isn't functioning properly, toxins can accumulate and allow infections to spring up. Genitrac supports the entire genitourinary tract and digestion, assimilation and metabolism. Because Genitrac helps move vital nutrients quickly to cells and organs, it also helps nourish the body's tissues - reproductive tissue, nutrient plasma, blood cells, muscle and fat tissue.

  • 100% organic ingredients
  • dual function: detox accumulated toxins & restore balance to kidneys, ureters, bladder & urethra
  • boosts digestion to avoid digestive toxins
  • support for occasional issues with frequency & urgency of urination
  • effective formula with pedalium, amla & indian tinospora
  • vata, pitta, kapha balancing

Contents: 50 grams.

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET