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Tridosha Tea, 20 bags



Tridosha Tea is a tasty blend of twelve herbs and spices that balances all three doshas, and is especially good as a cooling tea in the summer.

Brahmi and Aloeweed help to optimise alertness and intellectual functions. Cardamom supports digestion and also helps to balance Vata. Ginger, Arjuna, Holy basil, Cinnamon etc. are not only refreshing but also modulate the immune system.

This is a unique blend of taste and therapy: the Ginger and Holy basil balance Pitta and help maintain freedom from allergies; Arjuna and Cinnamon add their heart supporting properties and help balance Pitta and Kapha and also help to maintain normal cholesterol level.

Contents: 20 bags of 1.7 grams

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the Product Information Sheet.