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Organic Raw Heather Honey, 1kg



Large jar of wondrous tasting raw heather oak forest honey, rich with enzymes

Commercial honey is heated during processing, which destroys many of its nutrients. Ayurveda says that eating heated honey create a toxin (Ama) that is hard to remove from the body. This premium quality Heather honey is unheated. This preserves its unique flavour as well as the enzymes that are lacking in commercial honey. The bees aren't given antibiotics and instead of being fed sugar during the winter they are fed honey, their natural food. Heather honey has been used in natural healthcare for centuries.

Heather Flavour

This is a beautifully deep tasting shrub honey which has a warm and rich flavour. With a balsamic, sweet and bitter taste Heather is a unique variety that has to be experienced. It comes from bees feeding on the low lying heather shrubs often on mountainous terrain, heather is a favourite plant of bees, despite not being a tree despite having the properties of a tree honey, namely its potent taste and dark colour.

Contents: 1k in glass jar.