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Artisan Raw Greek Orange Blossom Honey


  • This is one of the best Orange Blossom honeys you will ever taste
  • Coarsely-filtered, unpasteurised and enzyme-rich
  • Raw, natural and pure, because of the remote area it comes from
  • Comes from the Laconian country, in the Peloponnese, a green and unspoilt area in the south of Greece, where the best oranges come from
  • Has an intense orange blossom, slightly marmalady flavour.

This Raw Orange Blossom Honey is more intense than most Orange Blossom honeys. It has the slightly bitter sweetness of the orange jam. One of the best Orange Blossom honeys we have tasted. Orange Blossom honey is great favourite of children and those who enjoy sweet and sunny honey flavours. It has a citric aroma and a hint of creamy vanilla. A great introduction to the world of raw honey.

Colour - Light orange in colour, slightly yellow in the light.

Origin - Harvested in the orangeries of the Laconian country, in the Peloponnese (where the ancient Spartans used to live). It is produced by Thomas and his beekeeping family, they take great pride in producing honey in a traditional way, without adding or taking away anything. Thomas and his family are working towards getting organic certification and everything is produced to organic standards.

What about the plant this honey comes from? - The orange tree is the beautiful fruit producing citrus tree which boasts dazzling white blossoms when flowering.

Common Uses - Orange blossom honey is particularly good to use in different recipes, such as: salad dressings, yogurts, glazes for meats and to add a unique zing to a dish.

Orange Blossom Honey Facts - The Mediterranean area is famed for its wide variety of orange blossom honey, ranging from very clear light honey from small oranges to potent flavoursome orange blossom honey with a prominent taste of orange - such as this one from Thomas.