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Chyavanprash (Vaidyaratnam) 500g


This traditional Ayurvedic product, manufactured according to original recipe from the classical Ayurvedic texts, contains only fully ripe Amalaki fruit, the precious bamboo product Vanshlochan and a large number of high quality natural herbs, fruits, roots and spices, all very carefully harvested in the best and most authentic Himalayan regions and other parts of India.

One of the main ingredients of this marvellous and ancient recipe is Amalaki. The fruit of the Amalaki tree contains high levels of Vitamin C and balances all three doshas. It includes five flavours (all except salty).  In the classical Ayurvedic texts Amalaki is one of the most highly valued and important Rasayanas (life-elixirs) boasted by Ayurveda, with a rare combination of positive properties. In the authentic Ayurvedic writings Amalaki is even described as a ‘divine healing plant’.

Vaidyaratnam Chyavanprash includes many other valuable ingredients, for example ‘Dashmool’, whose exotic name indicates a valuable combination of ten Ayurvedic roots. Dashmool soothes all three doshas, but especially Vata. This exceptional recipe includes the famous Indian long pepper, ‘Pippali’, ‘Shatavari’, the wild Indian asparagus (whose consumption Ayurveda traditionally recommends especially for women), the delightful Vata-pacifying ‘Ashwagandha’ (Winter cherry, known as ‘Indian ginseng’) and a large number of other unique ingredients.