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The Sage and the Lotus



Mind, Body and the Five Worlds

by Jeremy J Bowler

Everyone knows that we have a mind and a body and that those two parts of life work together. Yet science has no adequate theory to explain the connection. At the heart of this difficulty is the Mind-Body problem, which is as much to do with the way we understand reality as with the scientific understanding of our bodies.

This book discusses the problem and presents a solution to it based on the teaching of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the Sage of the title. For over 50 years, Maharishi expounded a new and detailed understanding of consciousness taken from the Vedic Tradition of ancient India. He applied it to life in the modern world with great success. In that understanding, both mind and body are two expressed parts of a more universal, underlying wholeness of life which can be brought to the level of direct experience through Transcendental Meditation.

Opening one’s awareness to that inner reality is called Self-realisation. Expanding that inner wholeness into activity in the world creates Enlightened living. Both topics are discussed in the book in relation to the Mind-Body problem and to Maharishi’s teaching.

The book also uses the symbol of the Lotus on the Lake to connect individual consciousness with the universal value of Being that underpins it. This image, adapted from Laya Yoga, beautifully expresses the relationship between individual life and the cosmic value of wholeness. It is a poetic and yet technical description of the structure of individual consciousness.

Paperback: 347 pages.