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The Female Monthly Cycle



How to Tap Into Your Secret Power by Dr Charlotte Bech

The Woman’s No. 1 key to improving health and happiness: Discovering the monthly flow programme of classical Ayurveda.

Would you like to more easily lose weight, get rid of fluid retention, reduce menstrual pain, increase fertility, and balance your hormones? This book helps to clear up your skin, increase your feminine charm, and stay more youthful as time goes by. The book is for every woman who wants to know the truth about the monthly cycle, birth control pills, cramps, tampons, endometriosis, and how it all relates to Female beauty.

The book is also for all women who love yoga and are curious as to how we utilize our cycle for a personal silent yoga retreat every month.

The book introduces you to a new delicious diet and pleasant lifestyle to be followed during the first three days of the monthly flow.

The book helps you with shopping guides for the delicious recipes and with practical steps for organizing your schedule in order to tap into your secret Female power and release your latent human potential.

Paperback: 182 pages.