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Easy & Tasty - Rosie Marriott


A Collection of Delicious and Original Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

We are delighted to announce the release of Easy & Tasty – A collection of delicious and original vegan & vegetarian recipes by our very own Rosie Marriott.

Since retiring from teaching at Maharishi School (Lancashire UK) in the Summer of 2016, Rosie, a talented cook, has been offering lunches to Maharishi School staff in her own home. Her food was so delicious that the staff suggested she put her ideas into a collection of recipes. Rosie decided to do just that with this wonderful book and she is kindly and generously selling it to raise funds for Maharishi School.

The title of the book is ‘Easy & Tasty’ and the recipes are just that, easy and very tasty. Rosie hopes that the title of the cookbook is sufficient encouragement to all, whether you are an established vegetarian, or just want to try cooking the occasional meat-free meal. Many of the recipes are vegan or can be easily adapted for a vegan diet, and some are gluten-free.

Contents: 1 x Paperback