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Skin Tonic, 75ml (for all skin types)

Skin Tonic, 75ml (for all skin types)


Refreshing moisturising care for all skin types

With Aloe Vera & extracts from Witch Hazel, Sandalwood, Indian Madder and Reed

Refresh and invigorate your skin with this unique skin tonic. Use as a moisturiser and to soothe sensitive and irritated skin.

Unisex: Also ideal for aftershave care

Purifying, clarifying and moisturising facial toner with pure water from the Himalayas, aloe vera, witch hazel, sandalwood, Indian Madder and reed extract. Lively fresh scent. 100% pure essential Lemongrass oil. Prepare for a pleasant sensation of freshness and a glowing complexion!

Pure water from the Himalayas for your precious skin

Enjoy pure freshness from one of the oldest springs in the world: real glacial water from the heights of the Himalayas is considered particularly pure. On its way through the millions of years old, deep rock, the water absorbs valuable - finely balanced - minerals, which nourish your cells and can regenerate them from within.

  • Dermatologically allergologically tested
  • BDIH/ Cosmos Natural seal for certified natural cosmetics
  • 100% natural origin of total
  • Made in Germany

COSMOS Certified Natural Cosmetics

Contents: 75ml.

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the Product Information Sheet.