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Peace of Mind tablets (MA1401) 60g



Helps maintain a calm mind and emotions

Peace of Mind tablets help you maintain a calm mind and steady emotional state without the reduction in alertness often experienced with conventional remedies.

When you feel pressured or tired, even minor irritations can turn into major issues. It’s not usually the incident itself that’s at fault, it’s your ability to cope with stress situations. The way your body reacts to stress is instinctive and automatic so, to improve your health and longevity, improving your stress response is vital.

Peace of Mind tablets help nourish the mind-body connection for a calmer response to stressful situations and assist in all mental activities: energy, creativity, perception, consciousness, self-realisation and all three aspects of memory - acquisition (dhi), retention (dhriti) and recall (smriti).

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET