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Arjuna Tablets, organic (MA7967)


The arjun tree is likened to the Vedic hero Arjuna, famed for being strong of heart. Arjuna creates strength, courage and power, and strengthens Vata dosha. Balances blood pressure, supports the heart


The arjun tree is likened to the Vedic warrior hero Arjuna of the Mahabharata epic, famed for being strong of heart. The tree is a symbol of strength, courage and power.

The arjun tree is an impressive tree that can reach up to 26 meters in height; it is found all over India. Its bark is of an unusual red color on the inside, and powder made from this inner layer has extremely useful ingredients.

Arjuna bark is frequently combined with a number of other famed ayurvedic herbs. It is said to strengthen the sensitive Vata dosha, balance blood pressure, and nourish and support all functions of heart.

Contains 60 tablets / 30 g from certified organic cultivation.