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Allergard (MA1788) 60g


Allergies indicate that the body’s innate intelligence has become clouded by accumulated toxins. Allergard removes toxins that inhibit the body’s natural defenses and supports resistance to allergens


If the body’s intelligence becomes clouded by toxins (Ayurveda calls these by-products of incomplete digestion or ama) it can become sensitive to allergens. 

Allergard contains eleven herbs and minerals to support the body's natural ability to respond appropriately to allergens.

By cleansing toxins (ama) from the body and supporting liver function. Allergard provides a two prong solution. It helps eliminate toxins that inhibit the body’s natural defenses and supports the body's natural resistance to allergens.

It is recommended to take Allergard for 45 days prior to the onset of allergy season and for 45 days after the end of allergy season. 

Take 1-2 tablets twice daily 30 minutes before meals with warm milk or water.

For ingredients, contraindications and recommended usage, see the PRODUCT INFORMATION SHEET