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Tea Tree Essential Oil, 10ml


An uplifting, energising and purifying oil

Known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, it is used to fight a wide spectrum of germs. Tea tree is used to purify and freshen the air in a sickroom.

It is a powerful, antiseptic immune system stimulant that is beneficial for eliminating bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Can be used in cosmetics, aromatherapy, and in household cleaning supplies. It can treat wounds, provide soothing relief for aches, pains, and congestion, promote a sense of calm, and disinfect surfaces.

Should be included in every first aid kit for home or travel.

Contents: 10ml dropper bottle.

Usage: Dilute 5 drops to 10ml of carrier oil for massage. Use 5-7 drops for aroma diffusers.