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Transcendental Meditation - Questions & Answers


By His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

This beautiful and charming book is being released after more than 40 years being out-of-print. It consists of two parts. Part One is a talk on Transcendental Meditation given by Maharishi from March 1960 to mid 1961, when Maharishi held evening discourses in London, England. Part Two consists of questions addressed to Maharishi by audiences attending his lectures and the answers given by Maharishi.

"I came out of the Himalayas with a method designed to raise both the head and the heart of man to the point where knowledge and appreciations of the quality of his higher nature can be attained. I call my method Transcendental Meditation, but it is, in fact, a technique of self-exploration; it enables a man to dive into the innermost reaches of his being, in which dwells the essence of life and the source of all wisdom, all creativity, all peace, and all happiness. It is that place which has been called the "Kingdom of Heaven within" - Maharishi, 1961, London.